The science of design


We put human behavior at the center of every digital product design. Our process is industry and device agnostic. But there’s one thing that never changes with each project—our commitment to the real people that use what we create.

  • UX + Product Strategy

    MSTQ’s Outcome-Centered Design™ approach creates a foundational strategy using narratives of the customer; their context and current motivations, aspirations and pain points as well as the future behaviors we want to encourage.

    Trendscape Analysis — User Research — Ethnographic Observations — Experience Mapping — Psychographic Persona Development — Storyframing — Research Synthesis

  • Product + Experience Design

    Every interface is meticulously crafted through a process of iterative prototyping and testing, grounded in MSTQ’s tenets of design.

    Heuristic Evaluation — UI/UX Design — Behavior Design — Visual Design — Rapid prototyping — Motion and Animation — Concept Design — Usability Testing and Analytics

  • Design Systems

    MSTQ’s practice hinges on cross-functional collaboration. Constructing rules and patterns of design systems helps your organization scale what we make, architecting products quickly and consistently. Design systems ensure the product visions we create grow beyond MSTQ’s involvement.

    Design Guidelines — Brand Guidelines — Iconography — Component and Pattern Libraries — Design Principles



Our major clients
  • Google / Area 120

    Product strategy, research and design for the tech giant’s startup incubator.

  • SwissRe

    Designing an accessible UX for the insurance conglomerate’s consumer product for elderly users with visual impairments.

  • Union Pacific Railroad

    Leading the oldest railroad company’s digital transformation by developing design principles and concepting the first ever way to buy rail solutions online.

  • Arbonne

    End-to-end design for the first-ever mobile shopping app, interactive display for Taiwan launch, chat bot and Facebook shopping experiences (which increased revenue by 5%).

  • Dais

    Strategy, research and concept design to spearhead multiple blue-sky innovation projects aimed to disrupt the logistics and insurance industry.

  • IQ7

    End-to-end product and web design for the bankruptcy management tool.

  • Prescient Edge

    Heuristic evaluation for the danger management mobile app UX to be more efficient and snappy during literal life or death situations.

  • Well-Being Initiative

    A 6-month internal initiative to research, test and deploy process innovations for designing digital experiences that improve well-being.

  • Shopping Gives

    Product strategy, research and design to launch the social good startup’s MVP and later, their first B2B brand offering.

  • Desirelist

    Product design and campaign development to improve the media platform’s brand perception, validate the core value proposition and decrease bounce rates.

  • Stormwind

    Product strategy, research and design to identify customer needs and improve the education platform’s course completion rate.

  • ShootQ

    Product strategy, user research, design and rebrand to help the platform reach a younger demographic and extend the customer lifecycle.

  • Illuminate HC

    Designing a triage platform for nursing professionals to respond more quickly to patient call lights using wearables and tablet devices.

  • Catapult

    Combined ethnographic research with performance psychology to design a mobile app that helps professional athletes watch and study game film.

  • Carlisle

    Product strategy and design for the industrial giant’s cutting-edge spray foam machine.