Centralized Call Light


The initial research revealed that delays in call-lights could be reduced by hourly rounding by staff and a lack of trust by the patient that it actually works. By architecting a Centralized Paradigm in which a single nurse (also referred to as the Nurse Quarterback) triages patient call, we could allow the nurse staff to respond to patient needs in under 90 seconds.


Task Automation

We needed a way to deactivate the call light before choosing the task description, and persistently displaying the new call card. We designed affordances for a nurse quarterback to choose from three options when receiving a new call notification: Cancelling a call, selecting a task for distribution and dismissing. Thereafter, once the nurse quarterback attends to the patient and assesses needs, selects task, he or she can quickly distribute for automatic assignment. To reduce any bottles necks in the workflow, we designed a mechanism where, at any given moment, the app can assign a priority ranking for each staff member.